Lung cancer screening becomes more and more urgently

Here is an interview on Galician television (TVGA) recently conducted with Dr. Pedro Jorge Marcos, pulmonologist and Head of Hospital Care at the A Coruña/CEE area of the Galician Public Health Service (SERGAS), in which he talks about the need to activate lung cancer screening programs in Spain in the short term, but above all to work in the medium/long term with measures aimed at the prevention of smoking among young people.


The interview is also very interesting from a practical point of view for us, as he openly talks about the convenience of combining low-dose CT with other biomarkers such as autoantibodies to reduce the rate of false positives in the screening programs. Dr. Pedro J. Marcos is one of the members of the scientific committee of the REFINE project (REgistry and Follow-up of Indeterminate Nodules using EarlyCDT) project (, an initiative of Dr. Luis Miguel Seijo within the framework of Separ’s Oncology PII which aims to become the first registry of patients with Indeterminate Lung Nodules to whom, among other diagnostic and follow-up tests for lung cancer, our EarlyCDT-Lung (based on Autoantibodies detection) will also be performed.

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